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Why Stories are Important

  • 05/12/2014

Stories help children to cope with a lot of the feelings and problems that they experience in their day. Story time can be special caring time with you that your children will remember all their lives. Whether they are the stories you tell, or stories in books, stories are one of the ways that children learn to enjoy reading. Books and the people they read about in books can become their friends. Children can also learn that books are a way to find out useful and important information. Many people look back with pleasure on their favourite stories from childhood. It is now recognised that reading aloud to babies and children is important in their early years and has an impact on their overall development and future learning.

Below are a few pointers on how books and stories help children:

• Books help language and thinking.

• Young children can learn about the world from picture books.

• Showing simple pictures and then saying the name of what is in the picture helps an even very young child to learn what things are called.

• Children can learn many things from books-about size, colour, shape, what things look like, and about people and their lives.

• They learn about numbers and space. For example from ‘the three bears’ they can learn that there were three bears, one father bear, one mother bear and one baby bear. They also learn about such things as big and little.

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