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Liz (Downtown Branch)

  • 10/31/2018
Hayden has been at JINS SouthRidge since she was 10 months old; she is now 3 years old. I have seen her develop, grow and evolve with JINS curriculum over the years – Music, Arabic, French and painting are a few of the things I know she didn’t learn at home yet she has shown great proficiency in all of them. The nursery is diverse and celebrates so many holidays which have been a great introduction for my daughter. Besides the fantastic learning and development opportunities, she is ...

Mrs Shima (Sunmarke JVT)

  • 04/23/2018
Today, I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation for the effort you are putting to ensure pickup time is smooth for parents by standing outside in the heat and managing it yourself; and of course for helping us with the twins specifically. we really appreciate it and are happy that the nursery is managed by such caring person.

Mrs Dunbar (Sunmarke JVT)

  • 04/23/2018
JINS was the best decision we made whilst looking for child care for our daughter Caya who absolutely loves it. The staff are fantastic, the facilities are perfect and the location is ideally located close to our house.  Our daughter is always learning something new each day, and we are constantly updated on her activities as well as her daily routine in general. They encourage good social and development skills and ensure to give the children one on one interaction.

Santhi & Jai (Downtown Branch)

  • 09/25/2017
A note of warm THANKS and appreciation for the fantastic graduation ceremony put together last week. It was so so clear how much time, investment and love was put into the detailed preparation, beautiful decorative jungle theme, and working with the kids. Each event the nursery has put on always exceeds expectations and makes us as parents simply delighted by the choice we made to put our kids in your capable, nurturing hands. It's so evident how the teachers and class aids have shown s...

Mrs Le Rest (Al Safa)

  • 09/24/2017
I am so thrilled with everything all of your team does. Everyone is friendly, knows the names of the kids, couldn’t be happier. Well done to all of your team.

Mrs Kesterton (Al Safa)

  • 09/24/2017
We are very happy with the Nursery and the progress our son has made in his time there. Staff commitment and involvement is excellent.

Mrs Awad (Al Safa)

  • 09/24/2017
I was very pleased when you introduced Arabic to the children. We love the Nursery and are sad that our child will be leaving it soon for big school.

Mrs MacDougall (Al Safa)

  • 09/24/2017
The teacher is super friendly and I have been more than happy to leave my son in her care everyday.

Mrs Jones (Al Safa)

  • 09/24/2017
My son attended the school nine years back and it keeps getting better and better!

Mrs Holder (Al Safa)

  • 09/24/2017
Totally delighted with the Nursery after nearly five years. Fab, well done!
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