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About Parent Partnership Overview


Building Strong Parent Partnerships for Your Child’s Growth.

EYLog Communication App

The EYLog is an Application System that Jumeirah International Nurseries have implemented within each of their settings. The app allows your child’s practitioner to communicate on a daily basis towards what your child has done during their day, how much they have eaten, toileting, sleep times and so much more.

The app also captures your child’s learning experiences with photos and observations alongside their milestone achievements and baseline assessments. It also allows you, the parent to become involved adding your observations and capturing WOW! moments outside of the Nursery setting.

We Consider You & Your Child As Family

At JINS, we will work towards realising nurturing your child, and realizing your hopes for your child.

We consider you and your child as part of the JINS community. We listen to your needs and engage you in your child’s education, and believe in building strong parent partnerships for your child’s growth.

We will make the JINS experience for you and your child rewarding, enjoyable, and essentially lay the foundation for your child’s future success.

Parent Involvement

Research has proven that when parents are not only engaged but also actively participating in their child’s education, the child does much better at school and achieves greater success in life.

Activities to Promote Parent Involvement

We have a range of systems to promote parent involvement at JINS which include:

  • Providing weekly and monthly newsletters about topics, activities and events taking place
  • Holding a 6 monthly parent information evening
  • Holding educational Workshops for parents
  • Maintaining an open door policy for parents to talk to staff
  • Inviting parents to special events
  • Being flexible when possible regarding session changes and extra sessions
  • Providing daily feedback in respect of your child’s well-being
  • Having Parent Volunteer groups that channel the positive ethos, goodwill and creativity of our parents to enhance the children’s learning experience and to strengthen ties between the Nursery, parents and children. The groups get involved in fund-raising and event support and organisation. The groups encourage development of a community spirit within the Nursery with parents socialising and having fun with each other, children and staff, and promote goodwill with and benefit to the community. Typical events organised by the Parent Volunteer groups include:
    • Fundraising (Cake Sales, Gingerbread Raffle, Jumble Sale, Mad Hair Day, Odd Socks Day & Non Uniform Days, Sports Days, School events, and more)
    • Nursery Support (International Day & UAE Day, Guided Reading, Library support, Music support, and more)
    • Charity Support (Rashid Paediatric Centre, Kerala School Library, Karuna Society for Animals, Manzil Centre for Special Needs, Al Noor Centre for Special Needs, and various other local and international charities and NGOs)
    • Social & Fun Events
    • Coffee Mornings Brunches and Lunches (informal gatherings where parents meet and make friends, and more)
    • Parent Socials (fun events such as quiz nights, drumming circles, dinners, paint-balling, & more)
    • Providing parents opportunities for parents to attend school events including sports, prize days, and cultural fairs
    • Providing parents opportunities to join a class to better understand modern teaching and learning
    • Providing parents expert speakers to help parents understand child development
    • Providing parents guidance, resources and workshops to support parents so they know how to support their child’s learning at home

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